KATALOGOS by Alan Loney

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Deluxe letterpress edition bound into boards. Each copy signed by the author. Limited to 90 copies of which 75 are offered for sale.

Printed from Dante metal type on dampened sheets of Nideggen using a Proof Press. Two illustrations, reproductions of old woodcuts, as frontis piece and terminus.

From the author's note: "The words for all the right-hand pages in this poem are taken intermittently verbatim from An Illustrated Catalogue of Old and Rare Books"

[page 2, a left-hand page]

cicadas, their sound increasing as traffic
noise fades, walking into the bush. What
of what we are yet to observe
is already remembered. Cicadas
everywhere about you, with not one
to be seen
/ and it takes time to hear
the deep-toned, persistent clicking
beneath the shrill.
/ Unseen wings
whistle over the canopy. The leaves are
full of holes, but nothing's eating them. Cobwebs
link almost everything, but there are no spiders.
On too many surfaces for comfort, 'dappled
I cannot take root
here, the shallow creek rippling gently
over sandstone. To focus
is to avert the gaze-is it a black fungus
or a dead one in green moss
running up a tree-trunk, where too
a small & delicate fern runs
for its life. I see no
other creatures and feel them
all over my skin. So what
I lean on is


[page 3, a right-hand page]

the vanity of arts & sciences, fountains
of the generations, growths, conservations,
life, death, transmutation etc in his
triumphal chariot of antimony. The first
tincture, root & spirit of metals
& minerals, how the same are conceived,
brought forth, changed, augmented or
perfected in art. This portion lately
exposed to sight & sale or a manifest
declaration of the sanguine, which
whosoever understands need not read
any other book. Transplendent gold
& leafy scrolls entwined with great
vigour & vivacity wrought the day-
dawning light, or a short manuduction
to the celestial ruby. The most abject,
most elevated hypocrisies in the original
printed wrapper. Real life must not be
confounded with the reprint. A collection
of voyages by buccaniers, a clean, just
and modest vindication to that which
is foreign, interspersed with anecdotes
and their salaries, don & donna in their
dress. A description of the soundings
on a complaint exhibited for neglect
of duty, breach of order, the time