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Martín Raninqueo is an Argentine Native American poet and musician whose surname derives from his Mapuche great-grandfather. He was born in La Plata in June 1962 and was conscripted in 1982, along with many young men of his generation, to fight against the British expeditionary force in Las Malvinas (Falkland Islands). He was held as a prisoner of war aboard the HMS Canberra. The loss of that war brought an end to the miltary junta that was responsible for the disappearance of over 30,000 dissidents and their families. As a musician, Martín Raninqueo has released numerous CD's both solo and with other artists.


A letterpress edition of his War Haiku, translated by John Oliver Simon, is forthcoming.

Forthcoming from Red Dragonfly Press:

War Haikus (2016)